Sabotage Clearing

Sabotage Clearing, EMR Sensitivity Clearing ,or Law of Attraction Goal Enhancement with Kinesiology

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This hands-on, leading-edge energy based system, which is complete in itself uses Kinesiology muscle testing to identify and then clear conscious and subconscious sabotage programs that usually present as limiting thoughts and beliefs and energy blockages.

With the use of simple, yet highly effective, muscle testing techniques used in kinesiology we can bypass what the conscious brain “thinks” it believes and identify the sabotage programming affecting your life. These can be either conscious or subconscious (or both) sabotage programs that have been imprinted or stuck into your energetic field and influence the way to act and re-act in life.

You may have sabotage programs affecting any, many or all areas of your life.

Once these are identified we continue to use the muscle testing to locate the exact energy vortex/es within the energetic field that are affected and then use simple energetic light body alignment processes to clear and rectify the energetic balance in this area.

Goal Enhancement / Law of Attraction – With this modality we can also enhance your effectiveness to reach the goals you desire (your law of attraction effectiveness), but seem unable to achieve. Using the same muscle testing method and light body alignment process to identify, locate and clear the sabotages and energetic blockages that are holding you back/keeping you out of alignment, to allow you to move forward in areas you had previously been unable to. You will get to trade your subconscious programming with conscious choice.

Electromagnet Radiation Sensitivity (EMRS) Clearing – This modality can also be used to identify EMR (electromagnetic radiation) stresses within the energetic field, we are able to identify the source of the exposure and then we clear and rectify the energetic balance within your energetic field.

The changes brought about by using this simple, yet effective muscle testing and light body alignment technique can change your life dramatically.  

In Person Healing sessions are available at my studio at 32 Kenneth St, Bayview Heights, Cairns – you can book directly via the booking page on this website – (bookings also available by arrangement if you can’t find a suitable time on the booking page– contact me direct if you need a special booking time.)

Bookings Available with Nicole on 0417 152 255