Digital Mentoring

How to Use digital technology & Connect Online whilst maintaining & creating greater wellbeing

The world is fast evolving in digital technology and more and more services are only available online. This can make everyday tasks for many people who have not yet had alot of exposure with using digital technology, very confronting, stressful and difficult, it can also create a more isolated lifestyle for many who would normally access these services in person and this can lead to unhappiness and declined health. Those most negatively affected by this rapid progression of technology in our society are those over 50 years old, but it can effect many other groups too such as new migrants or those with socio econmic barriers and limited access or exposure to technology etc.

Whether you are an absolute beginner who has not ever owned or used an electronic digital device or someone who has some basic skills, if you would like to learn more about how operate your digital technology devices or wanting assistance to feel more confident when using digital technology so you can be more connected to services, family and community and to be happier, healthier and empowered contact me to discuss the options available to do this.

It might be learning to operate your first smartphone, learn how to or get more confidence using emails, how to create a basic document, filling out online forms, do video calling or skype or Zoom meetings etc, gain more confidence in using social media or more assistance to build your business online prescence such as creating a facebook business page. These are just a few examples of scenarios that if you had more confidence to do could improve your wellbeing.

I can provide 1 on 1 assistance or group sessions to assist development of your digital technology skills and I would be happy to discuss options with you for this. I am currently also submitting applications for funding assistance to provide these services free of charge and partnering with the Be Connected initiative so please contact me on 041 7152255 or email to discuss the possiblities of free assistance, especially if your in over 50’s age bracket.

Whilst digital technology can feel negative to some people if we embrace and create a meaningful relationship with it we can positively effect our overall health and well being and I can assist you to do this.

There are some amazing health related apps available including apps to assist with anxiety or with monitoring dementure or managing PTSD and so much more, I can also provide assistance to help you connect and learn to use any of these types of apps that will be a great support to your wellbeing and health.