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Reiki Healing draws on an ancient lineage of energy healing that restores balance and well-being to the mental, emotional, and physical bodies. Energy imbalances & blockages may manifest into physical health conditions or symptoms.

The body has a unique Bioelectromagnetic frequency (Bio Field) that penetrates and surrounds the body, and with advances in scientific measuring equipment, changes within the body can be measured. Different organs and energy centres in the body have their own Bioelectromagnetic (Bio Field) frequencies which interact with each other pulsating ant various levels.

Reiki energy healing is a healers hands being placed next to or on the body and within the Bio Fields frequency of the subject. The bio field frequency of the healers hands helps bring the bio field of the subject body back into a healthy balanced frequency range.

Energy healing treatments are powerful, safe, gentle & help clear and dissipate blockages or stuck energy, it allows energy to flow more freely from one part of the body to the next, bringing more balance and wellbeing to all levels of mind body & soul, by working not only with the symptom, but the root cause of the imbalance as well.

I have trained in Traditional Usui Reiki in both Eastern and Western Reiki and can incorporate Crystal Pendulum Chakra healing with Reiki sessions.

Combining Crystal Pendulum Chakra Blanacing & Helaing with Reiki – This healing sessions begins with crystal pendulum techniques to balance and repair the chakras allowing for optimal energy flow once the Reiki session begins. A powerful combination that enhances the healing session.

Having Reiki healing sessions can greatly help with Physical Pain Relief, Reduce Stress & Anxiety, Increase Clarity, Support Immune System, Relieve Muscle Tension, Clear Emotional Blockages, Issues with Life, Enhance Health & Wellbeing, Spiritual Development, Deep Relaxation and much more.

What to expect during a healing session – We will have a discussion about what you would like the session to focus on. You will lay fully clothed on a therapy table and I will place my hands over your body over various parts in a sequential method. At the end of the session we can discuss any questions you have relative to the session.

In Person Healing sessions are available at my studio at 32 Kenneth St, Bayview Heights, Cairns – you can book directly via the booking page on this website – (bookings also available by arrangement if you can’t find a suitable time on the booking page– contact me direct if you need a special booking time.)

Distance Healing sessions are available most days and times – contact me if you cant find a suitable time for you in the booking page and we can arrange a time.

Bookings Available with Nicole on 0417 152 255

To book a Healing session click on the Book Now on the menu