What I love about Pellowah

I love that Pellowah it is non diagnostic

I love that any insight needed by the client will be delivered by Pellowah to them, in the way they need it

I love that there is no place for the ego to get involved when giving a Pellowah healing

I love the principal of no ego in Pellowah healing, so there is no reconnecting people with their trauma or no telling them they have issues making them imperfect etc (Im-perfect)

I love that because Pellowah insists ego and other personal abilities of the practitioner must be kept out of the healing, this keeps the Pellowah healing consistent from whomever provides it, and means that when you go for a Pellowah healing you will receive a Pellowah healing regardless of who the practitioner is

I love that Pellowah works to build on, expand and move with the positive that is possible now, not what has been in the past.

I love that what the client needs will come to them through Pellowah, you can trust in yourself and the Pellowah energy for your healing

I love that Pellowah communes directly with your spirit with no filtering through the practitioner

I love that Pellowah strengthens your connection to your authentic self

I love that Pellowah up levels you every time you connect with it

I love that Pellowah has its own intelligence, so when you go for a Pellowah healing you will receive what you need delivered in the way you need it, and this is personalised for each individual.