Pellowah Level 1 & 2 Course

The workshop is held over 2 days, usually on a Saturday & Sunday, from 9.30am to 4 or 5pm – (1 on 1 training is also available by request, please email for details) 

On successful completion of the 2 day course you will receive certificates
for each level and be a certified Pellowah Healing Technique© practitioner

  • Upcoming Course Dates: Australia
  • Saturday 20th April & Sunday 21st April 2024
  • Saturday July 13th & Sunday July 14th, 2024
  • Course goes from 9.30 to approx 4.30 each day
    • If you are interested in doing this course and dont see a date that suits you please contact me to discuss alternative dates that suit your availability. Courses are sometimes sold out prior to advertising dates. Contact me to register your interest to ensure you are notified of upcoming dates.
  • Upcoming Course Dates: Bali, New Zealand & USA
  • New Dates for Late 2024 & 2025 comming soon
  • Very excited to announce I am available to facilitate courses in various international locations. If you are interested in doing this course at one of these locations listed or if you have another location in mind please contact me to discuss the possibiities. Group bookings & Host benefits can be negotiated. Contact me to register your interest to ensure you are notified of upcoming dates as soon as they are decided.

Pellowah calls to you at the time that is right for you!

Pellowah is easy to learn and simple to use, anyone can participate in the workshops.

Some benefits of Pellowah can include –

  • Establish positive lasting change in your life.
  • Unblock and realigns all energy meridians within the body.
  • A greater feeling of connection and well-being.
  • Bring about personal healing.
  • Feeling of inner peace, inner strength and inner confidence.
  • Making decisions that take you to higher levels within your own life.
  • Feel more stability in life
  • Thoughts are clearer and less limited / Less mind fog
  • You become less involved in other people’s lives/ less drama
  • A more objective outlook.
  • You gain insights required for your own life journey.
  • Strengthens your intuitive connection
  • Align with a higher vibration/raise your vibration.
  • Find a sense of your true direction
  • Expand consciousness and both personal and spiritual expansion.

Pellowah isn’t just for therapists who would like to learn a new modality or those who require some healing in some way. Many people who attend the Pellowah Courses do so for their own personal growth. You do not need prior healing or practitioner experience to do the Pellowah courses. Whether you do this course to become a Pellowah practitioner or just for your own personal growth, positive lasting change in your life will be the result in any case.

This course is like a turbo boost to growth & positive change and can also be particularly beneficial for those with chronic illness too, because within the 2 day workshop the Level 1 Attunement you receive is 10 times more powerful than 1 healing (i.e. 10 x 1=10 healings) and the Level 2 Attunement you receive is 10 times more powerful than level 1 (i.e. 10×10=100 healings). By the time you have completed this 2-day course you have received attunements that are as powerful as 110 healings plus received 2 healing sessions and given healings also, its as powerful as 112 healings over the 2 days!

Pellowah was brought in for spiritual growth & enlightenment not healing, however it was found that healing comes as a by-product of the shift in consciousness. The results of the healing are fast and effective and are in all areas – physical, emotional and spiritual.

Pellowah has 3 Levels in total. Level 3 can only be taught by Kachina Ma’an herself, who founded Pellowah healing technique© and first taught it in 2003. Levels 1 & 2 workshops can can only be taught by practitioners that have completed all 3 levels and are registered with Kachina Ma’an.

Usually the Pellowah level 1 & 2 workshops are taught over two consecutive days, but it is not essential to do it this way, so people can complete Pellowah level 1 then after days, weeks or months they can complete Pellowah level 2. If you would prefer to complete the workshops on non consecutive days let me know.

PELLOWAH HEALING TECHNIQUE© LEVEL 1 COURSE – is a workshop where you learn about the Pellowah healing technique© and receive the training, practice and Level 1 attunement necessary to become a Pellowah Practitioner

We will work through the course manuals and we will be learning what Pellowah is and how it works. We will go through information and demonstrations on how to give a Pellowah healing, then you will put it into practice by giving & and receiving a Pellowah healing. You receive the Level 1 Attunement necessary for you to become a practitioner of this amazing healing modality. Through this Attunement your own awareness will be greatly expanded, enabling you to make higher and better choices with more certainty. Pellowah leaves you with a feeling of inner strength and well-being that lasts and in fact gets stronger as time goes by. As a practitioner of Pellowah Healing Technique© you are then able to give pellowah healings to clients, family & friends, Pellowah can be used in absent healing and can also be used to heal pets and plants. Your details will be provided to Kachina Ma’an for registration as a Pellowah healing technique© practitioner.

Certificate and Manual included.

PELLOWAH HEALING TECHNIQUE© LEVEL 2 COURSE – is a spiritual workshop for your own personal growth & expansion, you will learn the Pellowah symbols and receive the level 2 attunement allowing you to bring higher vibrational energy into your everyday life

In the Pellowah Healing Technique© Level 2 Workshop you receive the Level 2 Attunement that enables you to connect with the higher part of you. With this connection you can then bring that higher energy and consciousness into your everyday life, and begin to take the necessary steps to fulfil your goals with much more energy, enthusiasm and purpose.
Every being on this earth decided that they wanted to be here on this planet at this particular time. They felt that they had something to contribute to the Universe and to their own evolution. With this connection, you will then be able to bring the energy of consciousness of your higher being into your everyday life so that you can complete your original goal.
You will learn & work with the 7 Pellowah Symbols. Your details will be provided to Kachina Ma’an for registration of completing Level 2.

Certificate and manual included.

During the 2 days we will cover all learning materials and teachings as taught  by Kachina Ma’an the founder of Pellowah. The manuals are prepared by Kachina Ma’an and all Pellowah Teachers use the same manuals and follow her way of teaching. The workshop will including practical /hands on training that will enable you to give Pellowah healings and you will also receive a Pellowah healing on each day. You will also receive a Level 1 Attunement on day 1 (which is 10 times more powerful than a healing) and a Level 2 Attunement on day 2 (which is 100 times more powerful than a healing).  A certificate is provided for each level 1 & level 2. Enough time is allowed to ensure all participants get plenty of time for questions & practical application.

Cost is $400 for both level 1 & 2 or if you only want to complete 1 level it is $200 per level. Each level is a full day numbers are limited so book early.

A deposit required to secure your booking & balance due the week before course dates
payment plans available on request
You can book direct via my booking website at this link when paying in full payment or 2 half instalments
or contact Nicole via text on 0417152255, email nicole(at) or message my Facebook page

Course Refresher option costs $110 for both days or $65 for a single day – this is for those who have already completed Level 1 & 2 previously and would like to repeat the course to either refresh your skills or you just wish to bask in the Pellowah energy and increase the results you got from doing the course the 1st time. You can do both days or day 1 or day 2 & includes a new copy of the latest the manual/s will be provided for you.

Lunch & light snacks will be provided, you are also welcome to bring a plate to share. (if you have any special dietary requirements please bring what you need to eat for the day, inlcude extra snacks for yourself to sustain a high energy day, there is a fridge available for use). Please bring a water bottle as we will need to stay well hydrated during the day. Wear comfortable clothing, avoid wearing strong perfumes and please do not wear any essential oils or programmed crystals (as they can interfere with the Pellowah experience).

ADDITIONAL PELLOWAH ATTUNEMENTS – only available after your have done the level 1 & 2 course

When you have completed your Level 1 or Level 1 & 2 Pellowah Training, you can have additional Attunements, these help tremendously with continuing to increase the expansion and awareness gained in the Level 1 & 2 Training. Having regular Attunements further expands your awareness. When you receive an Attunement, your consciousness lifts up to the next level. Some people have weekly, fortnightly or monthly Attunements.
A Level 1 Attunement is 10 times more powerful than a healing
A level 2 Attunement is 10 times more powerful than a level 1 Attunement.

Pellowah may be calling to you as you are reading this? You will know if this course is right for you because it will feel right.