Arbah Healing Technique

Arbah is a technique that works with Spiritual DNA, used to instil certain energies into a person for good overall results.

It is useful for:- Panic Attacks, depression, mental problems, cancer patients, mental illness, severe and chronic illness of all kinds, mental anguish, A.D.D and A.D.H.D children and those with behavioural problems

A piece of the Aura is cut open and new energy is introduced to the piece of Aura that has been removed, the piece is then replaced/grafted back into the Aura and joined again with the Arbah energy.

When this grafting takes place it is encouraging the energy of the person to reconstruct a new type of energy introduced, thereby building the person and the aura of its own accord to duplicate and take on the new energy. It is better than just infusing the energy into the Aura, as infusion has been introduced artificially from outside sources and requires no effort from the recipient and usually does not last because the recipient has done nothing to the process to produce lasting change.

The process takes 2 weeks to complete and is not always successful as it is similar to an organ transplant for the Aura and therefore, like any organ transplant is also capable of rejection. It encourages the person to reconstruct the new energy from within, having been given the pattern to copy from by instilling codes for change within the Aura. The energy introduced is the plasma current and is a neutral energy with a code imprinted into it to encourage growth specific to the recipient. The Beings who work with this work with the Spiritual DNA

Due to the nature of this technique a private consultation is required to determine if it is suitable for you, so no online booking is available for this service. If you are interested in this service please contact me on 0417 152 255 to discuss further. This technique is only available in person and cannot be done via distance/remote sessions.